Mac OS X port and other frontend news

Michael Drake tlsa at
Thu Jan 20 14:25:45 GMT 2011

Mac OS X port

  NetSurf has been ported to Mac OS X.  There are a couple
  of screenshots showing the new Mac OS X front end on the
  NetSurf web site.

  The port was done by Sven Weidauer in just a couple of
  weeks.  Currently it has to be built from source,
  following the instructions in 'Docs/BUILDING-Cocoa' in the
  source tree.

Other front end news

  NetSurf has also been ported recently to Atari systems by
  Ole Loots, and some work has been done on the Windows
  front end.

  This brings the list of platforms for which NetSurf has
  native front ends to:

    + AmigaOS 4
    + Atari OS
    + BeOS & Haiku
    + GTK (e.g. Linux, BSDs, ...)
    + Mac OS X
    + RISC OS
    + Windows

  There is also the simple framebuffer front end, which is
  not tied to any OS or toolkits.

  The AmigaOS 4 port continues to be improved by Chris Young,
  and it could be made to run on AmigaOS 3 with help from
  someone with experience of the OS.

  The RISC OS front end is in the process of being overhauled
  to make it easier to work with by Steve Fryatt.

Availability of NetSurf binaries on the NetSurf web site

  Currently we only have binaries available for RISC OS,
  AmigaOS 4 and Haiku.

  RISC OS is the best served with both releases and autobuilt
  'test builds' available.  Amiga OS is similar, but without
  an automated mechanism for test builds.  For Haiku there is
  only an old binary release of NetSurf 2.0.

  We plan to make NetSurf binaries available for more
  platforms as time permits.  These will either be full
  releases, or they will be marked as technology previews,
  according to the status of the port.

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