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Chris Young chris.young at
Sun Feb 27 23:31:09 GMT 2011

On Sun, 27 Feb 2011 21:49:53 +0100, m0n0 wrote:

>  Am Sonntag, den 27.02.2011, 21:06 +0100 schrieb "Chris Young" 
>  <chris at>:
> > That makes my cyan squares on Wikipedia even more interesting.  I 
> > take
> > it you're using the latest trunk versions of everything?
>  Yes... but I made the screenshot with 16 bit color depth, maybe that is 
>  of any importance? On the other side, I think the Atari plotter code is 
>  very different to the one that the amiga uses, so you can't just think 
>  the result should be the same.

I know, that was the point - to figure out whether the problem was
endianness in the core or something in the frontend.  As it works for
you, the problem must be in the frontend somewhere.  I compiled my
port with full Cairo plotters (code is pretty much identical to the
gtk plotters) and it still does it, so I'm tending towards something
in the bitmap plotters not being quite right.

A nose through the mess of CSS on Wikipedia shows that those tabs have
PNG background images from a data: URI like the following:


I pasted that into the NetSurf URL bar and got the following assert:
assertion "!c->locked" failed: file "content/content.c", line 746

So I suppose that needs fixing before I can figure out what's going on

I did try it in another browser and that data: is a white line, which
is pretty much what I'd expect.


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