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m0n0 ole at
Sun Feb 27 12:51:40 GMT 2011

Am So, 27.02.2011, 11:54 schrieb Michael Drake:
> m0n0 <ole at> wrote:

> Does the Atari front end support image scaling?

Yes. The image is scaled to the width / height which is requested or if
repeat flag is on and width or height is 1px, then it is scaled to the
clipping rectangle.

> If not, and knockout rendering is used, there will be holes that are never
> rendered where images should be scaled up to a larger size.

I have debugged this a bit more... The header is just rendered as
background color - but not the transparent overlay giving the gradient
gfx... ( altough the header background color isn't rendered after the
scroll down / up anymore - and I think this behavior maybe ok while
knockout is turned on...)
But why isn't the gradient renderer? Because the image shall be drawn
completely outside of the clipping rectangle ( clipping is from x: 0, y:
0, x1: window_width, y1: 40) - the plot function is called with 250 as y
coord - that's not within the clipping rectangle... so the image will
never be drawn.

I haven't seen documentation for that case... Yes, I know I must fill the
clipping region if the image has an repeat flag, but I won't fill the
clipping if the image is outside of the clipping rectangle...

And yes, I have knockout rendering turned on....

I hope somebody can help with this - don't just expect others to
understand what should be done with the coords outside of the clipping
rectangle passed to the plot_bitmap function...


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