Porting Netsurf on Montavista 4 embedded linux

m0n0 ole at monochrom.net
Fri Feb 25 07:53:45 GMT 2011

Am Fr, 25.02.2011, 07:11 schrieb Dipen Patel:
> Dear Developers,
> We have a ARM based Handheld device where we want to port Netsurf
> browser to provide web based user interface.
> I looked at Makefile(s) but could not get idea where to make changes. I
> have done Googling but didn't get anything. Can anyone help me identify
> changes required to build Netsurf for Montavista 4 embedded linux?

I guess you want to run things without GTK... so you will need to compile
libnsfb to support different framebuffers.

The library works for X, linux (kernel?) framebuffer, SDL framebuffer and
VNC... it can choose the appropriate backend during runtime - but it needs
all of the development files during compilation. Which means - if you
don't have support for X on you system, you will have to patch the
makefiles to just don't bother to compile for X. I once addressed that
problem but my provided patch was ignored... But I will send it to you if
you want. With that patch you can specify for which backends you want to
build libnsfb.

After compiling & installing libnsfb (and all the other netsurf libs:
wapcaplet, parserutils, libcss, hubbub, nsbmp, nsgif) you should be able
to enter:

make TARGET=framebuffer

on the command line within netsurf directory - at least if you have
installed all other dependencies ( like correct make version, libcurl,
openssl, libxml,libpng...).

You ask about making changes - but why? Do you encounter errors during


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