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Wed Aug 24 09:36:09 BST 2011

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   James Montgomerie <jamie at> wrote:

> I'm using libCSS (with a modified libwapcaplet and libparserutils) in my
> ebook rendering library "libEucalyptus".  As an indie developer, it's
> really what's made it plausible for me to create something that can
> render CSS, so I'm really grateful.

Cool.  It's great to see libcss getting used.  :)

> It's now used in its first commercial product, K-NFB's "Blio" book
> reading app
> (

Looks good.

> The one area I've changed it is to add handling for the page-break
> properties (important for book rendering) - I'll have a patch sent to
> the list for that shortly.

Thanks for that patch!  We'll need support for the page-break properties
in NetSurf, once we get around to improving printing.

> As I said, I've also implemented a modified libwapcaplet.  It's backed
> by iOS-native strings to allow easier interoperation with the rest of my
> code (by the way, it's great that libwapcaplet is factored out of libCSS
> like this - made this very easy to do) but I  imagine that's not
> something that would be all that useful to others?

Sounds interesting.  I'm not really sure if it would be.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad you found our stuff useful.

Best regards,


Michael Drake (tlsa)        

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