Review: treeview-redux [4/7] -- BeOS frontend changes

François Revol revol at
Mon Sep 27 07:14:40 BST 2010

Le 26 sept. 2010 à 23:49, scott mc a écrit :

> On Sun, Sep 26, 2010 at 2:18 PM, François Revol <revol at> wrote:
>> Le 23 sept. 2010 à 23:25, John-Mark Bell a écrit :
>> Sorry I didn't have time to test it, looks mostly harmless though, I just don't know if it'd build.
>> François.
> I was able to build netsurf-2.6 on haiku a couple days ago, only had
> to patch librosprite so it'd build with gcc2.
> The .bep file shows the build steps I used.
> I haven't done much testing with it though, so it may or may not be
> working right, just that it builds cleanly following the steps I took.
> -scottmc

Hmm odd, I built svn just yesterday on ZETA and I do require C89 for gcc2 as well.
Maybe it doesn't include librosprite. Are you sure you didn't force it in ?
It's quite RiscOS specific...


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