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Mon Mar 22 12:44:01 GMT 2010

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> I have been provisionally offered a table at the VCF in Bletchley Park
> this June.  It is a two-day event over a weekend (19th/20th if memory
> serves), and I intend to use the table - if I go ahead - to show
> NetSurf on AmigaOS 4.1.

Web site:

> I can't do it on my own (I can show the OS4 version on my own, but the
> table'll be a bit empty and besides which I'd quite like to look
> around without leavng the table unmanned), so I was wondering if there
> was any wider interest in putting together a proper NetSurf table on
> one or both days?

Looks like it might be interesting.  When do you have to know by?


Michael Drake (tlsa)        

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