Possible issue with tree+textarea redraw?

Michael Drake tlsa at netsurf-browser.org
Tue Mar 9 12:04:48 GMT 2010

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<OUT-4B8FF664.MD-1.4.17.chris.young at unsatisfactorysoftware.co.uk>,
   Chris Young <chris.young at unsatisfactorysoftware.co.uk> wrote:

> Still the same.  The easiest fix from my POV is just to blank the
> canvas before redrawing, but if the core is supposed to be blanking it
> I'd rather it was fixed there to prevent problems elsewhere/elsewhen.

Do you get this problem when you try to edit a node that is already fully
visible on the window?  If it only happens when you try to edit a node
that is only partialy visible, does it happen at the top of the window,
the bottom or both?

Steve: I'm not sure if the scroll visisble callback for treeviews works
for nodes that are partially out the bottom of the window.  Maybe it
doesn't take account of the toolbar height when it determines visible
vertical range?

> > > btw, why is there a delay after launching NetSurf with your treeview
> > > code?

I've noticed this now too.

> I notice that the titles of things in my hotlist are being updated
> without me having visited the page

Yes, it seems the hotlist forgets changes to the title when you quit
Netsurf, unless you also change the URL.


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