Possible issue with tree+textarea redraw?

Chris Young chris.young at unsatisfactorysoftware.co.uk
Thu Mar 4 17:05:24 GMT 2010

On Wed, 3 Mar 2010 23:36:02 +0100, Pawe³ Blokus wrote:

> >From what I've seen ami_tree_scroll_visible performs the scroll
> regardless of the area described by the y, height parameters. It
> should be checked for being out of view first. The callback gets
> called after an edit is started and that's the reason for the
> unexpected scroll.

OK, I've fixed this.

> I don't think this will help for the rest of the problem but it's a
> good starting point. Could you, after making the change, try to
> edit-click a line that's partially visible on the bottom/top so the
> scroll will be forced after all?

Still the same.  The easiest fix from my POV is just to blank the
canvas before redrawing, but if the core is supposed to be blanking it
I'd rather it was fixed there to prevent problems elsewhere/elsewhen.

> > btw, why is there a delay after launching NetSurf with your treeview
> > code?  I'm getting a few seconds of nothingness after the first window
> > opens which I don't get on the non-treeview version.
> Maybe it's somehow related to caching the thumbnails of the pages?
> That's just a guess based on some other post on the dev list. I'm not
> up on recent changes, someone more competent should comment here. If
> that's not the case I'll  try to examine more carefully.

I don't think thumbnails are being cached except in memory.  I notice
that the titles of things in my hotlist are being updated without me
having visited the page, but I don't know whether that is being picked
up from the URL database (from visits with the non-treeview version)
or whether NetSurf is going through my hotlist and retrieving all the
pages to update the titles.  I'd hope it isn't doing the latter, but
this is all I can think of which might cause it and has been changed
between the two versions.


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