hlcache_handle_get return 0 in html_finish _conversion ( was hlcache_handle_get_content assert is need ?)

Bernd Roesch nospamname at gmx.de
Sat Jul 3 11:35:20 BST 2010


On 03.07.10, you wrote:

> On Fri, 2010-07-02 at 14:34 +0200, Bernd Roesch wrote:
>> there is also a error message .see
>> also full log.
>> css/css.c nscss_convert_css_data 272: Failed converting 0x11ca0ce0 http://arstechnica.com/ (5)
>> c
>> wy does this fail ?
> It works perfectly everywhere else.

So the 

* Failed writing body (0 != 218) 

messages are ok and do not make introduce a speed penalty ?

> Libcss claims it is not receiving all the input data. NetSurf is passing
> it all the data, and using the libcss API correctly. Therefore, it's
> likely an issue with the input stream.
> What version of libparserutils are you using?

it was the newest version (lib not updatet since end of 2009).seem compiled with GCC 3.4.0

I checkout files now and compile it with GCC 4.5.0 -O2 and the error message is gone.

I think in the makefiles you should add a warning notice, that compiler > 3.4 should use.
I see that more often that GCC 3.4.0 create buggy code in netsurf so i suggest always compile
with GCC 4.3 or higher netsurf.

Have somebody compile whole netsurf with GCC 3.4 and it work ?

I do the GCC 4.5.0 Port to AOS, and i use the gcc 3.4.0 amiga backend files, so i think not its only
specific problem and happen also on GCC 3.4 for X86 PPC or ARM

The Morph OS Developer (PPC) say too often that GCC 3.4.x is buggy and they do not release it.

> Have you enabled the iconv input filter in libparserutils?

I dont know, i change nothing, i compile only with make and i get this output.

$ make_68k_v4.5
 COMPILE: src/parserutils.c
 COMPILE: src/charset/aliases.c
 COMPILE: src/charset/charset.c
 COMPILE: src/charset/codec.c
 COMPILE: src/charset/codecs/codec_ascii.c
 COMPILE: src/charset/codecs/codec_8859.c
 COMPILE: src/charset/codecs/codec_ext8.c
 COMPILE: src/charset/codecs/codec_utf8.c
 COMPILE: src/charset/codecs/codec_utf16.c
 COMPILE: src/charset/encodings/utf8.c
 COMPILE: src/charset/encodings/utf16.c
 COMPILE: src/input/filter.c
 COMPILE: src/input/inputstream.c
 COMPILE: src/utils/buffer.c
 COMPILE: src/utils/errors.c
 COMPILE: src/utils/stack.c
 COMPILE: src/utils/vector.c
      AR: build-CYGWIN_NT_5_1-CYGWIN_NT_5_1-release-lib-static/libparserutils.a

bernd at bernd-lbzq11nhw /bernd/libparserutil

> What iconv implementation are you using?

the version i have of iconv is from 2003.I dont know if thats a important lib maybe should
seem 1.09 

#define _LIBICONV_VERSION 0x0109    /* version number: (major<<8) + minor */ 

netsurf and XML use iconv but not libparseutils.I remove link with -liconv and i get this linker
errors so you can see what code use iconv.

build-CYGWIN_NT-5.1-framebuffer/render_textplain.o(.text+0x11c): In function `_t
/bernd/netsurf_new2/render/textplain.c:104: undefined reference to `_libiconv_op
ew2/render/textplain.c:107: undefined reference to `_libiconv_open'
build-CYGWIN_NT-5.1-framebuffer/render_textplain.o(.text+0x3c8): In function `_t
/bernd/netsurf_new2/render/textplain.c:166: undefined reference to `_libiconv'
build-CYGWIN_NT-5.1-framebuffer/render_textplain.o(.text+0x5e8): In function `_t
/bernd/netsurf_new2/render/textplain.c:214: undefined reference to `_libiconv_cl
build-CYGWIN_NT-5.1-framebuffer/render_textplain.o(.text+0xadc): In function `_t
/bernd/netsurf_new2/render/textplain.c:328: undefined reference to `_libiconv_cl
build-CYGWIN_NT-5.1-framebuffer/utils_utf8.o(.text+0x270): In function `_utf8_fi
/bernd/netsurf_new2/utils/utf8.c:189: undefined reference to `_libiconv_close'
build-CYGWIN_NT-5.1-framebuffer/utils_utf8.o(.text+0x444): In function `_utf8_co
/bernd/netsurf_new2/utils/utf8.c:281: undefined reference to `_libiconv_open'
ils/utf8.c:291: undefined reference to `_libiconv_close'
ils/utf8.c:311: undefined reference to `_libiconv'
ils/utf8.c:315: undefined reference to `_libiconv_close'
.a(encoding.o)(.text+0xd2c): In function `_xmlIconvWrapper':
/bernd/libxml/encoding.c:1711: undefined reference to `_libiconv'
.a(encoding.o)(.text+0x1c16): In function `_xmlFindCharEncodingHandler':
/bernd/libxml/encoding.c:1619: undefined reference to `_libiconv_open'
.a(encoding.o)(.text+0x1d3e):/bernd/libxml/encoding.c:1631: undefined reference
to `_libiconv_close'
.a(encoding.o)(.text+0x2664): In function `_xmlCharEncCloseFunc':
/bernd/libxml/encoding.c:2164: undefined reference to `_libiconv_close'
.a(encoding.o)(.text+0x267e):/bernd/libxml/encoding.c:2169: undefined reference
to `_libiconv_close'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [NetSurf] Error 1

bernd at bernd-lbzq11nhw /bernd/netsurf_new2

> J.

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