Hello, and a bug fix

Rik Griffin rik.griffin at denbridgemarine.com
Tue Feb 9 14:18:32 GMT 2010

In message <f553dde650.rik-mail at iyonix.elements> I wrote:

> gui_multitask was called during a fetch, Wimp_Poll always returned
> immediately with a Wimp redraw window event, hence never yielding to
> other applications.

It occurs to me that this hack imposes a global redraw interval on the
status bar, and it could be argued that this should be handled on a
per-window basis. I assume this would involve storing the timestamp of the
last redraw in the "struct status_bar" that is passed to the redraw

Alternatively you could say it should be global, as the Wimp is a global
resource, and you don't want to stop multitasking if the user opens a lot
of windows.

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