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> Aplogies if this topic has already been covered. I searched the archive
> on 'hotlist' but did not find anything relevant.

The hotlist's behaviour is documented in the user guide:

> I note that if one selects a directory in the hotlist and then launches
> it then all the urls within it, and in its subdirectories recursively,
> are launched; each in its own window. Can this really be the intended
> behaviour?

Yes, that's how it was designed. The normal way to either launch a single
entry or to open a directory is to double click it. The launch toolbar
icon and menu option is mostly for launching multiple URLs. (e.g. a
selection or a directory.)

Launching a directory of entries is useful if there are several sites you
frequently visit. You can just launch one directory containing all those
regularly-visited sites.

> The effect is to cause a crash: I cannot then quit NetSurf from either
> the iconbar or from the TaskManager window.

It used to work well, but at the moment we have known cache problems,
which quickly use up loads of memory.

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