Amiga Revival 2009

Chris Young chris.young at
Thu Oct 15 00:02:49 BST 2009


I have a confirmed (small) table at Amiga Revival 2009 show in Enfield
this December (on the 12th I think - AFAIK there is no website for it

I intend to take along my SAM440EP to show off NetSurf running on
AmigaOS 4.1.  The GTK version will also be on show.  I do not have the
hardware nor (if the small tables are the ones I think they are) the
space to show any other version - although I know the organiser quite
well and a bribe might get me a bigger table ;).  Unfortunately this
also includes the AmigaOS 3 SDL-Framebuffer compile, which I'm sure
would be of interest to the visitors, so I'll have a go at getting
that running on UAE for the event.

Any of the devs are of course welcome to join me if they fancy making
the trip.  If there are any posters etc I can borrow/print out to make
the area "more NetSurfy", please let me know.


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