draw problems see when use -DWITH_BMP -DWITH_GIF and always 100% CPU load

Bernd Roesch nospamname at gmx.de
Mon Oct 12 17:32:23 BST 2009

The page http://news.bbc.co.uk/

have redraw problems when scroll full down the site with cursor keys.

there are some image artifacts left of the pictures

also i notice when show the page www.amiganews.de that CPU load is always
100%.The page contain 2 gifs that change after 1 sec or so to another

when i show then again netsurf default page that normaly drop CPU load to 0
after show, all
pages have then always 100% cpu load.

the SDL build have a timeout value.when the page is load, it go to
-1.but it stay then always at 0 and this mean not wait for messages.

static bool sdl_input(nsfb_t *nsfb, nsfb_event_t *event, int timeout)
    int got_event;
    SDL_Event sdlevent;

    nsfb = nsfb; /* unused */

    if (timeout < 0)
        got_event = SDL_WaitEvent(&sdlevent);
        got_event = SDL_PollEvent(&sdlevent);

when i compile not with this 2 settings, then BBC Page work ok and CPU load
is ok, but the page www.amiganews.de does not show the 2 gif.

should i send a screenshot to show diffrence between a with and without
bmp/gif build ?

I build from newest libsnbmp and libnsgif source.

or need i too the svg ?


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