Framebuffer dependencies clarification

James Bursa james at
Mon Nov 30 04:12:31 GMT 2009

On Sunday 29 November 2009, Bill Randle wrote:
> I am building netsurf for an ARM9 Linux system and want to use nsfb. I
> read the BUILDING-Framebuffer and it mentions required dependencies of
> libglade, libxml2, librsvg and curl. For a cross-compile environment,
> it wasn't completely clear if these dependencies are required only on
> the build machine or if they are [also] required on the target
> machine for runtime linking.
> If these are required on the target system, it adds a lot of extra
> code, as libglade requires gtk+ and librsvg requires cairo, which in
> turn requires directfb. If I have to build gtk+ for use with glade,
> what's the savings (in code space) over using the native gtk+ interface
> for netsurf?

Hi Bill,

The framebuffer version doesn't actually require libglade or librsvg. The 
mention in the documentation is a mistake.

libxml2 and libcurl are required on both the build and target machines, unless 
you statically link.


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