netsurf need more than 150 megabyte RAM to show some small pages

Bernd Roesch nospamname at
Thu Nov 26 10:34:52 GMT 2009


On many youtube sites netsurf use lots of ram to display the site.
Have somebody a idea wy this happen ?.maybe a quickfix can do ?

With SDL its too possible to do a usefull browser, and it is not so much
work to do.Feature enhancements are all done from Artur.

See here, there are external programs and scripts use, so videos can
show/save with getvideo and ffplay and files can download by use with wget.

bookmarks/Hotbuttons are too here, bookmarks are a HTML file that is update
and show when click bookmark button.

The scroller and textinput work here a little better, but still not
optimal.thats the only missing in SDL Version.And if need more windows,
then can use SDL1.3

Here is a screenshot of SDL netsurf 68k

and here is video so you can see speedcompare and scrolling head to head
with firefox.


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