Translating Netsurf into Japanese

WP Blatchley willblatchley at
Thu May 28 22:40:56 BST 2009

>> Could an Iyonix owner tell me if RISC OS 5 can properly display 

>> UTF-8 encoded messages in windows and menus?

> The RO5 Wimp speaks Unicode. If you set your system alphabet to UTF8,
> then it will display such strings correctly. The downside, however, is
> that most applications have no knowledge of UTF-8, so their menu text
> will likely come out garbled (invariably, it's the shift arrow which
> confuses matters).

> My understanding is that for the embedded RO boxes shipped in Japan, the
> system alphabet was set to UTF8 by default. I suspect it's likely that
> you will need to softload ROOL International and InternationalKeyboard
> modules to be able to set the system alphabet to UTF8. I suspect that
> it's unwise to attempt to softload the ROOL Wimp on a ROL OS, however.

So if I were to translate the necessary files, someone could at least give me a screenshot of it running on RO5? That would be satisfying! I'll have to try to get R05 running under emulation on Windows at least, so I can see my translation in action!

It's a shame that setting the system alphabet to UTF8 will break a lot of applications' menus (and slightly ironic, seeing as UTF8 was designed to slot into non-Unicode aware systems without causing problems). Perhaps there could be a hack written that tries to assess whether a Messages file is UTF8-encoded or Latin-1-encoded, and transcode the strings accordingly on the fly... Still, that's a discussion for another mailing list, I suppose.

Any pointers as to where to start with the translation files? I think there used to be some information about this on the Netsurf website, but I can't find it now.




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