Netsurf 2.0 on PDA

John-Mark Bell jmb at
Sat May 23 12:48:05 BST 2009

On Fri, 2009-05-15 at 19:19 +0400, Dmitry Artamonow wrote:
> Hello and thanks for your exellent work on Netsurf!
> After two days of trial and error, I've finally succeeded in
> crosscompiling gtk version of Netsurf 2.0 using OpenEmbedded.
> Screenshots of Netsurf in action on ipaq hx4700 and h2200 are here:


> On hx4700's VGA screen it feels perfect, but there's some problems with
> QVGA (h2200) - for some reason URL bar is missing in portrait mode, and
> you need to change icon size first (non-trivial task itself on QVGA)
> for getting it at least in landscape mode.

I guess that should be investigated. I'm not entirely sure that the GTK
UI is entirely suited to such small screens right now. The non-content
area is too large, really.

> Both #1 and #3 are adressed by attached patch. 

Thanks. Committed as r7530.

> I worked around #2 by total removing "Save DOM tree" handler code - don't 
> know how to fix it properly.

That's probably the only "proper" fix, tbh. Or just comment out that

> BTW, what's the purpose of gtk/res/docs/about ? It seems to contain some
> RISC OS files - do they used in gtk version at all? I can't find any
> mentioning of them in gtk code.

I don't think that's used.


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