Regarding application for GSoC 2009 project

John-Mark Bell jmb at
Sun Mar 29 18:17:29 BST 2009

On Sun, 2009-03-29 at 15:24 +0530, Harsh Verma wrote:

> I have been again to compile the netsurf code and am playing with it
> for the last one day. I wish to work on the gtk improvement project.
> Apart from points mentioned in the GSoC page, there are other issues
> also need to be considered like overriding proxy for local area
> connection (which I have mentioned previously as well).

I said on IRC that there is an environment variable that curl looks at
when determining whether to proxy or not. You should investigate whether
it is possible to get similar behaviour through libcurl's API.

> Can someone please guide me in filling up the application form
> (waiting for someone to show up at #netsurf on freenode), as I am not
> sure about how to set up the milestones. 

As Rob has explained, the milestones are your best-effort estimate for
when you are going to have things completed. They should be spread out
through the GSoC period so you have reasonably regular deadlines and
thus a structured plan.

> Apart from that I am also interested in developing Native Windows Port
> for netsurf as I have worked previously on C# developing a Windows
> Application with Graphical User Interface.
> Also I am interesting in keyboard navigation project, and think that
> adding support like "vimperator add-on for firefox" would be cool as
> well.

I strongly advise you to concentrate upon one project, rather than
trying to think about many different ones.

> p.s. Waiting for someone to chat on IRC channel.

Well, as the IRC channel topic says, we're not around 24/7.


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