GSoC midterm progress report

Paweł Blokus pblokus at
Sun Jul 12 23:18:51 BST 2009

1. Textarea: finished, reviewed and merged to trunk

2. Select widget: mostly complete

The select widget was the first core widget I created. As I have learned a lot
since then the widget might be reworked a little. I will also need to check
whether it behaves correctly in all situations. Finally, if the scroll widget
is to be created it will have to be integrated into the select widget
which does currently handle scrolling on its own.

3. Scroll widget: not started

A scroll widget would probably come useful in a few other widgets, in-page
scrolls and maybe the framebuffer front end. I didn't take this into
consideration in my initial proposal but, because of the amount of places where
it's needed, I think it would be beneficial to unify the way scrolling is
done so I could create this one too. The scrolling code is scattered around
the source files. The way I used it in the select widget might be a good start
but as I didn't even really think about it I count this as not started.

4. Treeview: finished

The treeview is complete but I am still introducing little changes if needed, so
it might be modified slightly while I will be finishing the hotlist.

5. Cookies: finished

The cookies tree is finished and provides the same functionality it did on the
RISC OS front end before. If this is agreed to be sufficient I will not modify
this code any more.

6. History: finished

Same comment as for cookies but with a few suggestions for possible
modifications. I was thinking about providing the possibility to sort the
entries by name, most visits etc. Also, I would like to add a search option.
This could be done either by using the textarea and plotting it somewhere in the
window or by just using the front end one but I don't know which one is
preferred. All in all I am seeking your comments here :)

7. Hotlist: partially complete

I have started the hotlist tree most recently and will be working on it in the
following days. The RISC OS functionallity shouldn't be hard to
implement but I'm
not sure if it shouldn't be extended. The search options applies here too but
additionally I was thinking about adding some dynamic folders like recently
used or recently added.

8. Keyboard navigation: not started

This will be started once the core UI part is ready.

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