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> Mostly ones with complicated amounts of imagery - eg.
> is really slow.

There's no slowdown there here.

> > > and although I think it is mostly down to alpha blitting of images
> > > (which is far slower than it ought to be), it can be a bit slow in
> > > other instances too.  For some reason typing characters in an input
> > > box in one of these slow areas is painful - maybe NetSurf is
> > > redrawing too much of the page?
> > 
> > It should only redraw the relevant bit. Which pages have this problem?
> > I haven't seen this issue here.

> Try the site I was having fun with typing R on -

> This isn't the worst example, but typing anything into the search box
> is slower than it should be.  Typing into Google's search box is the
> speed it should be.

That site is just as fast as Google or anywhere else for typing in the
form. Same with that Sony URL.

> My gui_window_redraw redraws the entire page, and
> gui_window_redraw_box draws immediately rather than offloading to the
> next refresh, which could be causing an issue.

Yeah, I guess there's probably something wrong there, although I don't
know too much about that code. Anyone else know?

> I'm still not entirely convinced I'm feeding the right values into
> content_redraw, so it may may well be a local implementation problem.




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