MorphOS Port of NetSurf - licencing issue

Ilkka Lehtoranta ilkleht at
Sun Jan 18 00:59:56 GMT 2009

On Sat, 17 Jan 2009, [utf-8] François Revol wrote:

> > > As to MorphOS, I'd think it'd be good to merge it with the AmigaOS
> > > port
> > > and also support AROS if possible, by using 3.x calls by default
> > > and
> > > optionally using specific calls.
> >
> > As already noted it is not practical due to different GUI engines
> > they are
> Right, and what about AROS ?
> I think they also have their own ZUNE toolkit but can use MUI too.

It should be fairly easy to port my version to AROS or OS3. I have used 
few new MUI features which are not available in Zune but only very few.

I have also used some alpha blit and Unicode calls not available on AROS 
but more or less I have tried to keep everything portable.

> For the icon there is an SVG file in
> for the throbber:
> but you can copy the PNG from gtk or beos folders.

Ah, cool. I got one from amiga folder but it lacked alpha channel.

> I think you can find screengrabs somewhere in
> But I believe it's better if you can use graphics more in line with the
> general OS look, like on Haiku I'd reuse Tracker buttons for example.

That is what I'd like to do but currently we have only very few prebuilt 
gfx available in MorphOS. Anyway not biggie.


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