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> some people proposed me alternative icons for NS under Haiku

> For now I just took the globe part of the converted SVG logo into Icon-
> O-Matic.

Actually, it looks like you've taken the globe bit of the full textual
icon, because it has a white border around the edge.

The logos are here:

The "emblem" logo is actually intended for use as an icon, not the full
logo. If you use the "emblem" SVG for the Haiku icon, it will look more
like the Haiku icon style.

Here's a direct link to the "emblem" image in SVG format:

I don't consider adding the Haiku style shadow under the NetSurf emblem to
be changing the logo, it's just using it in the Haiku context, so you
should add the shadow, and I don't think it would look out-of-place
compared to the other icons I've seen.

BTW, the imageshack site doesn't work in NetSurf, but you can read the
source and poke around to construct a URL which gives you the image from
various bits of JavaScript source:

> One of the proposed icon is a rework of the official one, the other is 
> a twist on the original NetPositive icon, which was a surfer with a 
> globe, which fits more into the Haiku style but is radically different 
> (surfing gone wild :).

I don't think NetSurf should use the Monkey icon. :)

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