Netsurf for the nintendo ds

Olivier BINDA olivier.binda at
Thu Dec 10 17:31:36 GMT 2009


In order to improve a flashcard program for the Nintendo DS (an Anki client), I'm looking for a way to display
very simple Html files with pictures and css formatting inside a C/C++ project. And so, I was wondering :

1) Would it be possible to build and use netsurf for the nintendo dsi, considering that it has the following specs 

16 MB of RAM of mobile RAM,
Two 3-inch TFT LCDs, 18-bit depth (262,144 colors), resolution of 256 x 192 pixels,
256 MB of internal flash memory with an SD card (up to 2 GB) and SDHC card (up to 32 GB) expansion slot
two ARM architecture CPUs; ARM9 and ARM7.[40] The main CPU is clocked at 133 MHz

2) If it is possible, I might want to build netsurf with the framebuffer and SDL targets, but will I be able to 
use/embed netsurf inside my program ?
What will be the limitations, considering the two screens and input ?

3) I have somehow successfully built some libraries for the Nintendo ds (using a custom makefile) :
SDL, Freetype, expat, zlig, giflib, pnglib, cyassl

So I'm not a complete noob, but I'm not very experienced in the c/c++/makefile business either.

Will it be hard/a lot of work to port/use Netsurf for the nintendo ds ?

I gave it a go and...if I'm not mistaken, I have to set up pkg-config, perl and to build all the specific netsurf 
libraries (libcss, libnsbmp, hubub,libwapcaplet,libnsfb, etc)
before I can give a try at building netsurf, right ?

(I'm a bit at a loss, what to do with the makefile files that come with the netsurf/library source code...)

Thanks in advance,
Olivier Binda 

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