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Thu Aug 27 12:12:08 BST 2009

On 26 Aug, John-Mark Bell  wrote in message
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> On Sat, 2009-08-22 at 18:05 +0930, Christopher Martin wrote:
> Thankyou for your offer.
> > So just how much work do you estimate will be required to align the WIMP
> > development with the core?
> This is difficult to estimate. The RISC OS frontend is currently
> blocking a merge of some useful functionality into the trunk, which is
> part of the problem -- it's actively getting in the way of core
> development now. I'd estimate that fixing this is a few hours work for
> someone with the appropriate knowledge.

One thing that wasn't entirely clear to me was what was where in the various
SVN branches (although I may have missed something, as I haven't had
chance to spend long looking around what is on the NetSurf site).  Which
branch(es) is the problem code in, and is there any priority as to what a RISC
OS maintainer should be concentrating on looking at?

(Apologies for not asking on IRC.  I've so far not had long enough spare in
front of an internet-connected computer to make it worthwhile joining you on
the channel, whereas I do pick up email fairly regularly in between other

> > And do you already have plenty of offers from others with much time to
> > spare?
> We've had a couple of offers. I've yet to see evidence of anyone doing
> more than retrieving the existing sources from SVN and compiling them,
> however.

I'm my case, that's pretty much all I've managed to do so far, although I have
spent a few hours here and there reading through some of the source code
from the trunk and trying to get my head around what goes where (the notes
which you and others posted here have been very helpful with that, BTW, so
thanks for them).

I'll need some spare time to spend at the computer when I don't have other
deadlines looming to do anything more concrete.  All things being equal, I
might get some of that next week -- unless something else comes up in the

Steve Fryatt - Leeds, England

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