Progress report

Paweł Blokus pblokus at
Wed Aug 5 13:24:59 BST 2009


Since the last progress report I have completed both the scroll widget
and the select menu. Due to rounding errors the scroll sometimes has
some off by one rendering issues but I am not sure whether much can be
done about it. The resulting changes however, wouldn't be too
significant, so I think the code is ready for being reviewed.

At this point I am not sure what I should do next. I could start
working on the keyboard navigation, but I don't know if I can reach a
reasonable milestone as now I know my estimations of the required time
were too optimistic while I was writing my proposal. Also, I think,
once being reviewed, the treeview code would keep me busy in case some
non-cosmetic-only changes are requested. But this would need the code
to be reviewed before risc os working with it properly. Maybe there is
some part of the code you already know you are not satisfied with? If
so, don't wait for the main review with writing about it :)

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