Autobuilder requirements

Chris Young chris.young at
Thu Apr 23 18:54:42 BST 2009

On Thu, 23 Apr 2009 18:38:44 +0100, Rob Kendrick wrote:

> > I can do some digging on the cross-compilation issue if you like?
> That'd be cool; then we can roll releases automatically and at the same
> time.

I thought I'd seen an article somewhere:

(NB: there was a virus issue with that website recently, I believe it
has been cleared, but might be safer to use NetSurf or otherwise have
JavaScript switched off)

Hopefully that is still correct - the OS4 SDK link will be wrong, but
the new one is in the same place.

netsurf/amiga/version.rexx will probably need to be rewritten in perl
or something - it creates a file like the attached.  The 7210 comes
from the SVN revision - Amiga revision numbers have to be increased on
each build to allow version-compare copying and the SVN revision
number is the most sensible one to use.

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/* This file was automatically generated by version.rexx */
static const __attribute__((used)) char *verstag = "\0$VER: NetSurf 2.7210 (23.04.2009)\0";
const char * const versvn = "SVN 7210";
const char * const verdate = "23.04.2009";
const char * const verarexx = "2.7210";
const int verver = 2;
const int verrev = 7210;

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