AGM, Saturday 25th April 2009

Daniel Silverstone dsilvers at
Mon Apr 20 12:31:00 BST 2009


As per the society constitution point 15, the following nominations for
committee membership are valid for the AGM:

Chair: Michael Drake
Treasurer: John-Mark Bell
Secretary: Daniel Silverstone

I have received no other nominations and as per point 16, the time to
send them in is now over.

In order to vote on anything in the agenda in absentia, send an email to
me before the end of Friday 24th April with your vote in it. While the
society *is* quorate, we're fairly close to the wire, so I really do
need all the votes in.

The actual meeting will occur on IRC, either on #netsurf or on a channel
announced in #netsurf on Freenode. It will occur at 13:00 UK time (12:00
UTC) and I'd very much like to start it on time and get through it

2009 NetSurf Society AGM Agenda:

1. Roll Call [dsilvers]
2. Thanking the current committee for their work [tlsa]
3. Preparation of the society bank account [jmb]
4. Voting on the next committee [dsilvers]
5. Financial report of the society [jmb]
6. Setting the date of the next AGM [tlsa]
7. Any other business [dsilvers]
8. Closing the meeting [dsilvers]

If anyone has any other business then it should be emailed to me before
the end of Friday 24th April. 

According to the constitution, the following is the list of people able
to vote (by virtue of being members of the society):

  Michael Drake
  John-Mark Bell
  Daniel Silverstone
  Rob Kendrick
  Andi Sidwell
  Chris Young
  Vincent Sanders
  Bo Yang

The following people are eligible to be members but have, at this time,
not chosen to email me about it.

  Adam Blokus
  Adrian Lees
  James Bursa
  Sean Fox
  John Tytgat
  Mike Lester
  François Revel

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