GTK patches - fully merged, stable version

edi edi.katarn at
Thu Apr 9 09:10:49 BST 2009

2009/4/9 Mark <markieb.lists.20090330 at>:
> Let's be fair Chris, there is one development malloc that should have
> been commented, at 937-938 of the diff file [gtk_tabs.c ~@@ -54,18
> +56,29 @@+26] :-)
Yeah, you're are right. My train didn't stop where he should have ;).

> thanks for the reminder though that I should add the free() during
> development [makes note to self] :-D
No problem, I expect the same from you :).

> As I say, the gtk errors with tabs are at least better in the patch than
> in trunk
It works, which is a good thing, however those errors are a thorn in my eye ;).

Chris Tarnowski.
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