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> On Sat, 11 Oct 2008 23:03:51 +0100, Michael Drake wrote:

> NetSurf.info is the official one converted from the RISC OS Sprite
> version (with no selected image).  NetSurf_alt.info is somewhat inspired
> by it and fits in much better with the usual icon style. I've attached
> the PNGs that it was created from for reference.


> > The RISC OS, GTK and BeOS front ends use the throbber at
> > trunk/art/throbber for the throbber animation.
> > 
> > See: http://source.netsurf-browser.org/trunk/art/throbber/
> > 
> > There are PNG and RISC OS Sprite bitmap versions in the source tree.

> I'd found the PNG ones previously, but upon looking through them they
> all looked the same so I disregarded them as test images.  Reading the
> docs I see they are supposed to rotate.  I've just looked again and
> although the file sizes differ, the imagery is identical in every
> respect.  Where is the Sprite version?

Sorry, I was mistaken, the Sprite versions are wrapped up in the theme at
!NetSurf/Resources/Aletheia. You can't extract the sprites without using
the NSTheme tool on RISC OS.

I've created a page which explains the throbber a bit better:


It has an animated GIF showing what the animation should look like. I
guess the frames look very similar when viewed independently, but as part
of the animation, the changes are pretty clear.

> I'll need them joined together in a "film strip" but I think even I
> can manage that.

OK, I've placed them on that page in such a way as you can just take a
screenshot of the page to get the images in a single strip. (The page just
loads the PNGs individually out of source.netsurf-browser.org). You can
edit the HTML to get the background colour you need behind the PNGs. If
you do that, you lose the alpha channel, of course.

If you want me to create a strip version with an alpha channel, so it can
be used on any background colour, then I can do that easily. Should the
inactive frame be part of the strip, or a separate image?

Or I could make a version with a particular background colour and a
particular foreground colour. It doesn't need to be gray scale. I'm not
sure what would suit the rest of the interface / desktop.

Finally, it doesn't need to be 24x24 pixels, I can export at other
resolutions too!

> I suppose really I should put it all in resources/themes/default -
> then the entire theme can be switched easily by changing one variable
> and it keeps all the themes together for the future.

Sounds like a good idea.

> If there's a spec for cross platform themes though, I'd rather go with
> that.

There is a format but, I think, but none of the front end code uses it
yet. It may be a while before we use it though. It's not a priority for
NetSurf 2.0.

> Are there any default navigation button images?

Only the ones used on RISC OS. I haven't put them in trunk/art yet. I
could easily do this and we could export them in various formats and
different colours. You can see them here:


On RISC OS the toolbar is customisable - users can drag icons around and
put them in whatever order they want and drag icons on and off the toolbar.



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