??Netsurf RISCOS impossibility??

Keith Hopper asgard at inspire.net.nz
Wed May 28 22:20:45 BST 2008

     Mmm! When I wrote the following -
> >
> >     With Netsurf on RISC OS pre-empting the Menu button on the mouse, I
> > have the horrible fear that this technique might not be possible with
> > Netsurf.

 you commented -

> It wouldn't surprise me if it did break. However, I can't see that you're 
> actually checking which mouse button is being clicked, anyway.

     Maybe I didn't correctly explain my concern very well.  If, using RISC
OS I need to select from a program (eg NetSurf) menu then I click on the
Menu button; any selection then goes to the program action.

     If there is a menu produced by the combination of xhtml and css made
visible on the screen by hovering then, as I understand it, any attempt to
scroll down unless using a 'scroll wheel' facility on the platform
concerned and then making a selection will not actually scroll that
sub-menu - well at least that is what I have found using Firefox, Opera,
Konqueror, etc.

     It was this failure to scroll without using the scroll wheel which led
me to think that, under RISCOS, selection using the middle mouse button in
this sort of circumstance would be necessary - but that brings up the
Netsurf rather than the document menu!

     OK! Perhaps I am wrong and should just crawl back into the woodwork!!!




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