??Netsurf RISCOS impossibility??

John-Mark Bell jmb at netsurf-browser.org
Wed May 28 22:57:21 BST 2008

On Thu, 29 May 2008, Keith Hopper wrote:

>     Maybe I didn't correctly explain my concern very well.  If, using RISC
> OS I need to select from a program (eg NetSurf) menu then I click on the
> Menu button; any selection then goes to the program action.
>     If there is a menu produced by the combination of xhtml and css made
> visible on the screen by hovering then, as I understand it, any attempt to
> scroll down unless using a 'scroll wheel' facility on the platform
> concerned and then making a selection will not actually scroll that
> sub-menu - well at least that is what I have found using Firefox, Opera,
> Konqueror, etc.

I'm not entirely sure what you're getting at here. Anything in the content 
area of a browser window (whatever browser, whatever platform) is highly 
unlikely to obey the UI conventions of the platform in question.

If you're creating a menu using CSS dynamic pseudo classes and you want to 
be able to scroll the menu you've created, then I advise making the 
menu fixed size and setting the menu's overflow property to scroll or 
auto. That should give you a scrollbar to play with.

Alternatively, if you're creating any dynamic rendering effect that 
requires the main viewport to be scrolled, you're probably going to lose 
out somewhere. That kind of thing simply isn't catered for in a useful way 
by any browser afaiaa. Note that you can use the cursor keys or page 
up/down to scroll the viewport on most browsers.

>     It was this failure to scroll without using the scroll wheel which led
> me to think that, under RISCOS, selection using the middle mouse button in
> this sort of circumstance would be necessary - but that brings up the
> Netsurf rather than the document menu!

If you're creating a menu using CSS, then there's utterly no way that the 
browser can determine what you're doing. It has no way of distinguishing 
between a menu and any other dynamically modified styling effect. 
Certainly, there's no way you can bind the middle mouse button to this 
using CSS.


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