NetSurf Fails on Fedora 9

Leon Stringer leon.stringer at
Sun May 4 14:04:49 BST 2008


NetSurf 1.2 won't load any page on Fedora 9, it just says "Opening 
page..." with the throbber animation running.

I think this is due to a change in libcurl 7.18.1 

   - setting the CURLOPT_SSL_CTX_FUNCTION with libcurl built
     without OpenSSL now makes curl_easy_setopt() properly return

(Fedora 8 used libcurl 7.16, both Fedora packages appear to be built 
against NSS for SSL support).

If I comment out lines 614 and 615 of content/fetchers/fetch_curl.c it 
works correctly.

Without these lines access to HTTP and HTTPS sites seems to work fine so 
I'm not sure they're necessary. But I'm not a libcurl or SSL expert so 
maybe there's a very good reason for them?



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