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Balazs Kezes rlblaster at
Sun Mar 30 13:02:27 BST 2008

Matthew Hambley wrote:
> These default shortcuts have to be mapped on a platform by platform
>  basis. Different platforms have different norms. For instance Windows
>  uses Ctrl-S for save while Risc OS uses f3.

My proposal is mainly for the keyboard navigation, activating links,
focusing edit boxes with typing some kind of strings. This would be
kinda modal. You press a button, you enter this mode and those strings
appear next to links and edit boxes. This button is configurable, for
default it can be the Konquerorish tapping CTRL [pressing and
releasing CTRL]. But it could be configured to use CTRL+M, CTRL+K,
F12, triangle when on playstation (just joking) or anything
non-disturbing key close to the characters to type. When you enter
this mode you can only type those strings, which when typed completely
focuses the given element. You can quit this mode retapping CTRL. In
this mode some of the quick-keys/shortcuts (mentioned by Matthew) just
won't work, but you can navigate quicker.
I think this is wouldn't have much of portability problems.
Also, when not focused in an edit box, shift+arrows (also configurable
to other modifiers) would also enter this mode (for spatial
navigation) but it would be in this mode only till the shift is held

About those strings which will appear: they should be quite "static".
What I mean common links, edit boxes should have the same string
displayed, even when the content has changed.
Imagine a person who is reading an another persons blog daily and
every time leaves a comment. For him every day when opens the blog and
reads it, has just to tap CTRL, type "co" for example (this scrolls to
the edit box and focuses it), leave the comment, press TAB to focus to
the submit button and press enter. No mouse involved and also no
annoying lengthy tabbing through the page.

One of my worries is how to handle long pages with lots of links, for
example a generated page with tables which contain links. I guess, a
good idea would be just to process the first N links and edit boxes on
a page.

Balázs Kezes

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