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Fri Mar 28 11:42:01 GMT 2008

hello every body,
I would like to participate in GSoC 2008 under Netsurf. I went through the
project ideas list and found "new CSS parser and selector engine" project
idea very interesting. I am really interested in compiler process and
developed a lexical analyzer (written in C, source[1]) and a
pretty-printer(written in python,source code[2]) for a subset of Javascript
I would like to complete for this project. I have few questions , please
help me to clarify them.

1. I read that there are either options, that is to re-write the entire CSS
engine(according to the given API) or develop from the existing one. So I'd
like to rewrite the CSS engine according to the given API. (as a side note
please note that the hand coded lexer+parser combination work more fast,
than a generated one), but most of the part of the engine is written I also
feel it'd would be easy to continue to work from there. Please give me a
clue to pick one of the choices. (I'd love to re-write the engine still so
that I can apply the theories that I learned in theory of computing and
compiler theory)
2. When writing the proposal should I give some implementation information
if I thought to re-write the entire engine again.?

I am computer science student in here[3]. I particpated in GSoC 2007 as
well. I like C programming. My C programming project and others can be found
in my resume[4].

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