GSoC Report

Adam Blokus adamblokus at
Sun Jun 22 16:17:47 BST 2008

> I'm probably too late with this idea but if the difference of coordinate
> system is bothering you too much, why not make it the same by calling
> HPDF_Page_Concat (you already do this for accounting the left margin) ?

Actually, I tried to use it at the very beginning. But this transformation 
influences not only the positions of the elements, but also fonts and bitmaps 
are shown upside-down.
The problem with coordinates was completely my fault and it took me way to 
long to figure it out - but all is solved right now, should not happen 
anymore ;)

> > I moved also some responsibility for margins etc. to the plotter code, to
> > make printing less dependant on the way margins and page sizes are set.
> >
> > For this week I plan to change the layouting for printed content, so that
> > all of it will be fit in the available width (the 'loose' layout that I
> > wrote about last week).
> This is including teaching NetSurf layout code to take the text width
> determined by the backend into account (as the fonts used in PDF output
> do not necessarily have the same width as what the layout engine was
> using) ?

I am not sure if after adding the possibility to embed fonts this couldn't be 
done by the same nsfont_width function, that determines text width for the 
window. If not - I will most surely parametrize the function being used for 


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