GSoC Report

Adam Blokus adamblokus at
Sat Jun 21 19:35:11 BST 2008

I am greatly disappointed with this week's work of mine. Although I finished 
my idea of the fuzzy margins with visible effects ( you look how is printed - a lot of text 
breakings are fixed), I wasted a lot of time with figuring out the maths and 
geometry (PDF files have the y-coordinate rising upwards and the (0,0) point 
in the bottom-left corner of the page) - I made a lot of stupid errors while 
coding it the first time. I'm in doubt, whether to use this method for the 
top of pages too. The top of the page is the one more visible and the fuzzy 
margins will probably make a more visible difference.

I moved also some responsibility for margins etc. to the plotter code, to make 
printing less dependant on the way margins and page sizes are set.

For this week I plan to change the layouting for printed content, so that all 
of it will be fit in the available width (the 'loose' layout that I wrote 
about last week).


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