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Thu Jun 19 03:32:07 BST 2008

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I'd totally forgotten about the weekly status updates, but given that
I've just finished the majority of the tokeniser work, now would be a
good time to summarise what I've been working on to those who haven't
been following the IRC discussion.

In short, I have:
~ - imported libcss's "coverage" makefile target to make viewing test
coverage data easier
~ - updated the tokeniser to the current HTML5[1] specification (as of
15th June 2008)
~ - updated the testsuite to the current html5lib[2] suite, and wrote
some new tests (contributed back to html5lib), such that the tokeniser
now has 99.3% test coverage
~ - committed stray printfs/#include <stdio.h>s and uncommitted them
multiple times
~ - moved to using assert() where that's the desired semantic

[2] a python/ruby HTML5 parser project which has a fairly comprehensive

So; the tokeniser is now functionally complete, at least until the spec
changes again, which it doesn't look like it will do soon.  There are a
number of cleanups that I would like to make, so I may spend a day or
two making the code more pleasing.

Having spent some time hacking hubbub, I can see my original schedule
assigns time to the wrong places.  I have a two-week period of
test-writing for the treebuilder which seems a little silly, since the
html5lib tests are fairly comprehensive-- I would now expect to only
write a few tests (though more than I wrote for the tokeniser).

In the light of this, my current goal is to complete treebuilder work,
with similar test coverage to the tokeniser, by the mid-term evaluation
(end of week 6; 6th July).  This represents slippage of a week over my
original schedule.  After that, I will bind hubbub to libxml2, and then
via that to NetSurf, to be completed by end of week 7.

At this point, I expect that people outside the NetSurf community may
want to browse with it to see what an HTML5 browser is like.  The rest
of the project I will then spend optimising, refactoring, and sending
spec feedback where the spec mandates bad behaviour.

Also, there will be some disruption to my internet access when I move to
a new flat whose lease starts 1st July; I expect I'll neglect unpacking
stuff when I move because hubbub is more interesting, so there's not too
much to worry about. :)


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