Wakefield Show 2008

Rob Kendrick rjek at netsurf-browser.org
Thu Jan 3 11:09:07 GMT 2008

Today, I received the bumph for registering as an exhibitor at the 2008
Wakefield show, which will be held at the Cedar Court Hotel, Calder
Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3QZ on the 26th of April.

The standard price for the stands is £80 per 2-meter wide plot,
including two chairs.  We have a price reduction down to £40.
Additional chairs are £3 each.  Our current funds will cover this

The layout of the show will involve 34 tables - two rows against
opposing walls (9 on one, 10 on the other), with the rest creating three
islands in the middle.  I don't have a scanner, so we'll have to wait
for the Wakefield Show website to be updated with a floor plan.

The show is sponsored by Advantage 6, so one assumes they may well have
a stand.  When they do, they usually try to get internet access and are
happy to share it with us, so I will ask Chris if it is possible to be
placed proximate to them.

Electrically, it is normal for each stand to get a 4-way 13A supply.  We
can bring our own extension leads to increase this number of sockets,
but Chris asks that we have them electrically tested first.  What we
usually do is just pick up a couple of brand new ones for a fiver.  We
need to inform Chris ahead of time of our approximate power consumption
requirements.  The form he provides simply asks for the number of
computers, monitors, printers, etc, as well as asking for any specific
requirements.  If required, I can give him the precise number of Watts
the equipment we'd be taking uses.

We need to provide a short description of the project, an "official
address", email address and URL to Chris for the show entry guide.  The
description needs to be short.

Time table up to the show is as follows:
	10th March: Show guide details due
	28th March: Deadline for stand booking payments
	28th March: Electrical requirements due

On the day of the show, the 26th of April, it will open from 0800 0945
for exhibitors to arrive, park, and set up.  Our stand must be ready by
1000, which is when the show opens to the public.  The show then closes
to the public at 1700, and we have until approximately 1830 to knockdown
and leave, and find a good pub.

We need to answer the following questions:
	1) Are we going?
	2) Which of us are going?  (Myself and Daniel are up for it.)
	3) What electrical items are we going to take?
	4) Are we going to have a release of NetSurf 2.0 by the show?
	5) Are we going to be selling CD-Rs of the latest release?

In terms of question 2, myself and Daniel usually take a couple of gang
leads, two laptops, an A9 Home, a TFT of some description, an ethernet
switch, and my desktop Linux box if we're going to be burning CDs, doing
dev work at the show, etc.

Input and questions from you lot are welcome - I'm sure there's
something I will have missed!


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