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Michael Drake tlsa at
Sun Sep 23 18:46:10 BST 2007

I've started working on the web site again.

The staging area for the new site is now:

Aside from a few tweaks to the front page, the work I've done is:

  1. All of the downloads section has been mocked up, at the
     very least. Most of it is pretty much done.
  2. Done some stuff to change the hierarchy of the site
     content organisation.

So the new pages are:

Please have a look at them and check that everything is satisfactory.

I think the main things to note about the new pages are that:

  1. Release downloads page is the main one
  2. RISC OS 3.5+ not mentioned as supported. (None of the developers
     run such a system and they are very old.)
  3. Small build not provided on Dev. builds page (Hardly got any
  4. NSTheme is in an "Extras" section and can be considered a
     release, rather than a test build
  5. Source page details how to get at source via SVN, then has a
     link to what will be a tar.gz of the latest source provided
     by the autobuilder
  6. Themes are linked from the Extras page and don't have their own
     link on the nav. bar
  7. Packages page has some packages hosted on our site. I think
     we'll only host packages for platforms that don't yet have
     a NetSurf package of the latest release. Is that right?
  8. There are no packages of development builds for nsgtk
  9. RiscPKG package is mentioned on Packages page
 10. I'm not sure if there's any point in the links to the packages
     stored elsewhere, like the Debian ones. (Should I delete them?)

The changes to the site hierarchy (so far) are:

   + /builds/ doesn't exist now.
      + The builds page is at /downloads/testbuilds
      + The development build .zip, latest source archive and riscpkg
        directory will go in /downloads/development/

   + Releases won't be dumped in /downloads/, they go in
     /downloads/releases/ (.zip and .tar.gz files)

   + /themes/ doesn't exist now
      + Now at /downloads/themes/

   + There will be a /documentation/ directory with all the docs in
     it. On the existing site they are all over the place, many in /

Please reply with ideas and suggestions.


Michael Drake (tlsa)        

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