UA string again

Rob Kendrick rjek at
Sat Jun 16 13:37:00 BST 2007

Michael Drake wrote:
> The UA sting of current development builds is:
>     NetSurf/2.0 (RISC OS; armv5l)
> This is no different to what the final release version will have.
> I think we should have something else. Maybe:
>     NetSurf/pre2.0 (RISC OS; armv5l)
> or
>     NetSurf/2.0[test] (RISC OS; armv5l)
> or something.

The current code provides no way to detect this, so the user agent
creation function can't know.  Perhaps add another value to
desktop/version.c that is used to flag a development version?  We can
manually unset it when doing releases.


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