1.1 patches

John-Mark Bell jmb at netsurf-browser.org
Wed Jun 13 02:13:54 BST 2007

Courtesy of James, here's a list of the patches available for merge into 
the stable branch for a 1.1 release next week:


3297    tlsa      Treat CENTER like other browsers do.
3298    tlsa      More alignment changes.
3299    rjek      Tweak default hotlist entries to be more up-to-date
3300    bursa     Switch version to "2.0 (Development)".
3304    jmb       Fix bugs in charset detection. Strip BOM from parser
                   input, as it confuses libxml. Ignore
                   non-ASCII-compatible charsets declared in meta tag (the
                   parser defaults to 8
3305    rjek      Add UNIX-specific fetch_filetype() support. Uses
                   /etc/mime.types by default, but can build minimal
                   mappings if it doesn't exist. New code allows file://
                   directory list
3306    dsilvers  Add a -v option to enable debug logging. Pass -v by
                   default to the RO runimage.
3307    dsilvers  Remove the netsurf/ from the include paths and
                   rationalise use of <> vs "" in includes NetSurf includes
                   are now done with ""s and other system includes with
                   <>s as C i
3311    adrianl   Fix interaction between failed drag save and pointer
                   tracking (including page drag scrolling)
3312    adrianl   Overlooked warnings
3317    rjek      Stop filename.c using d_type member in dirent struct, as
                   this is completely and utterly unportable. Not even
                   Linux has it anymore.
3318    rjek      Check return value of stat() in filename.c and report
                   oddness using LOG
3322    rjek      Add some debugging LOG calls to GTK gui_window_destroy
3323    rjek      Fix destruction of nsgtk windows involving frames, fixes
                   crashes on sites such as news.bbc.co.uk
3324    rjek      Whoops - remove legacy line calling function that
                   nolonger exists.
3325    rjek      Simplify nsgtk periodic reflow. Should hopefully help in
3328    rjek      Don't bother resizing/repositioning frames when the core
                   asks us to if it would result in no difference.
                   Hopefully this fixes nsgtk consuming all available CPU
                   on site
3330    dsilvers  Merge scheme switcher branch in.
3331    dsilvers  Remove a time consuming LOG(()) and add some whitespace
                   to help me think
3332    jmb       Warning fixes.
3333    dsilvers  Add debug about ring sizes. Ensure we dispatch queued
                   jobs when a job is freed.
3334    dsilvers  Reflow useragent.c to be 8 char indent. Also rename
                   build_user_agent to user_agent_build_string so that all
                   useragent.c starts user_agent_*
3335    jmb       Fix UTF-16LE BOM detection _again_
3337    jmb       Fix cookie domain matching in unverifiable
                   transactions. Minor tidying.


My view is that all but the following patches can be merged across:

3297, 3298:

There's still some dispute as to the correct behaviour wrt the handling 
of <center>. Other browsers don't appear to agree, either (from the 
limited testing that I've seen).

Michael: Can we have some evidence as to existing behaviours, please?


Version numbering change for development branch. This should be 

3330, 3331, 3332, 3333, 3334:

Scheme switcher changes. I'd like these to have rather more testing before 
ending up in a stable build.

In addition (and before it gets forgotten) there's also:

3314    bursa     Work around for broken PS printer driver

from RUfl.

All the above gives a changeset for the RISC OS build as follows:

+ Fix potential security flaw in cookie handling in unverifiable
+ Fix dragging-related crash.
+ Fix printing to PostScript printers on <>RO5.
+ Fix charset detection issues.
+ Logging is now controlled by "-v" on the command line (on by default)


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