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Michael Drake tlsa at
Thu Jul 19 17:12:39 BST 2007

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   James Bursa <james at> wrote:
> The website is due for improvements in content, navigation, and design.

The staging area for the new website is here:

So far, only the front page exists, so none of the links will work. Most
of the text in the left content column was kindly supplied by Chris
Williams. The news section is just made-up stuff.

Currently it uses the following things that NetSurf doesn't support:

"max-width" property
    Not a major issue; the web page just always takes up the full width of
    the window in NetSurf.

"min-height" property
    This causes the top of the NetSurf logo to be cropped in the download
    box. I'd like to see this implemented in NetSurf before the site is
    used in its current state. More padding can be added around the list
    to mitigate the problem or another solution involving an extra DIV
    could be used.

":after" pseudo element and "content" property
    This adds a ">>" character after links like "See more screenshots". Not
    a major issue as the site still makes perfect sense without that

As far as I'm concerned, all the major parts of the front page design and
content are now done. So please poke me if you want stuff changed.

The next thing I'll do (but not until the weekend, probably) is work on
one of the sub pages - e.g. the download page. This will show how the
navigation bar will expand to show the contents of subsections and where
breadcrumbs will go.

We need to decide about dynamic generation of the pages. I'd like us to
have the pages dynamically generated, purely from an ease of maintenance
perspective. I have ideas on the matter, however, I don't want to
implement it.


Please don't bother translating the new site yet, as it is still subject
to change. Also, I wouldn't update the translations of the old site now,
unless you really want to. I'm not sure how long until the new site will
be ready to go live, but there is active work on it.


Michael Drake (tlsa)        

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