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Tue Jul 3 12:34:24 BST 2007

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   Michael Drake <tlsa at> wrote:
> A few mailing list related things that I think should be done:

> It would be good if the mailing list URL was shorter for e-mail / usenet
> posts. Maybe we could have redirects from

This is now done, thanks Daniel.

> It would be good to get r-netsurf linking to mailing list posts in IRC,
> for the -users and -dev lists. If we can't get mailman to generate an RSS
> feed for us, I could register the lists with GMANE.

This is now done. Could you add the GMANE RSS feed for -users to
r-netsurf, James?

> Finally, can SVN be updated to post to the new commits list? I never
> joined the old one but I am on the new one. :)

This has been done now.

I still think the new mailing lists should have a bit added automatically
to the end of each post, like the old one did, such as:

NetSurf | Open Source Web Browser |

NetSurf-Users mailing list


and, for the developer's list:

NetSurf | Open Source Web Browser |

NetSurf-Dev mailing list


Possibly similar for the commits list too. It means that people who have
arrived at a web archive page of a posting have access to some context of
what NetSurf is about.

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Michael Drake (tlsa)        

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