Nokia 770/N800 (i.e. Maemo) port

James Bursa james at
Sun Jan 28 21:32:09 GMT 2007

Hi Andrew

This is cool :). A patch would be great. Is there any way this can be run on a 
regular Linux machine?

There have been many changes to the GTK interface since your copy of the 
source (mainly for frames). Hopefully they won't cause you problems.

> There's a rather large stumbling block in that by drawing form entry
> fields directly, extra work is needed to hook it into the onscreen
> keyboard. The Mozilla port's suffered the same problem, so it should
> be possible to copy how they've done it.

Let us know if you have questions on the code or we can help. Unfortunately 
the source isn't well documented. We use our own form inputs so that we can 
support CSS fully on them, scale them, print and export them, etc.


James Bursa, NetSurf developer      

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