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Wed Aug 22 03:10:27 BST 2007

On Tuesday 21 August 2007, John-Mark Bell wrote:
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> Subject: Google Checkout test for Archive mag

> click on the top button, to buy "test" from Archive magazine for 10p.
> (or go ahead and subscribe!  you'll be the first past the post!)  it
> should take you to the Google Checkout page, where you'll be asked to
> set up an account by giving your email address etc and card details.
> i didnt have luck at that stage with Fresco, Oregano 1 and 2 and
> Netsurf 1(*): is your experience the same?  (one page displayed no
> "Submit" button after i had entered my info, but i found that just
> pressing Return in the final (telephone) info field did the trick --
> then i fell at the next page.)

I tried it with the latest NetSurf and also had no success. I got the form 
back with an "Invalid card number" message.

The site uses lots of JavaScript so there is no chance that it will work in 


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