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Can someone take a look at this and contact Jim directly?



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hi, John-Mark --

i don't know if you subscribe to Archive magazine, and whether you've
heard that i'm taking over as editor; Paul Beverley wants to retire
after 20 years of doing it every month.  it was in the offing, but not
yet announced, when i met you at Wakefield.

anyway, i need to set up a method of receiving card payments for
subscriptions, and i'm going to give Google Checkout a try, not least
because it's free till the end of the year.

would you have the time and patience to see how Google Checkout works
with RiscOS browsers, and compare your experience with mine? we might
as well make an Archive article out of this!

if you're willing to have a go ...

attached is a copy of the relevant page of the Archive website with a
couple of Google Checkout buttons roughly pasted in.

click on the top button, to buy "test" from Archive magazine for 10p.
(or go ahead and subscribe!  you'll be the first past the post!)  it
should take you to the Google Checkout page, where you'll be asked to
set up an account by giving your email address etc and card details.

i didnt have luck at that stage with Fresco, Oregano 1 and 2 and
Netsurf 1(*): is your experience the same?  (one page displayed no
"Submit" button after i had entered my info, but i found that just
pressing Return in the final (telephone) info field did the trick --
then i fell at the next page.)

had to resort to the Windows laptop to set up the account. (presumably
Linux would do it too.)  but then i was able to go back to RiscOS,
click on the button, and duly got through to the Google Checkout page
with my registered details showing -- and the 10p sale sailed through.

didnt discover yet what i'd do if i'd wanted to add a second item to
my shopping trolley.

not to worry if you havent got time, patience or energy for this in
the next day or so (Paul's "last and final" issue hits doormats
imminently, containing renewal reminders that mention Checkout on the
website).  if you do try it out, and your purchase goes through, i owe
you either 10p or a year of Archive!

    (* since then i have found and downloaded Netsurf 1.1 -- maybe it
would have worked better than 1.0 at setting up the account.)

i thought the Netsurf team might like to look into this becuz there's
a good chance the Google developers could, at this early stage of
their project, make things RiscOS-friendlier.


Jim Nagel
    32 Norbins Rd, Glastonbury, BA6 9JG
    (01458) 83 3603   pocket 0797 415 3861
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