r3487 rjek - in /branches/1/netsurf: !NetSurf/ ./ content/ content/fetchers/ css/ debug/ desktop/ gtk/ image/ render/ riscos/ riscos/configure/ riscos/gui/ utils/

Rob Kendrick rjek at netsurf-browser.org
Wed Aug 8 20:04:40 BST 2007

James Bursa wrote:
>> Author: rjek
>> Date: Wed Aug  8 19:19:45 2007
>> New Revision: 3487
>> URL: http://source.netsurf-browser.org?rev=3487&view=rev
>> Log:
>> Merge changes 3299,3304-3307,3311,3312,3317,3318,3322-3325,3328,3330-3334 from
>> trunk in 1 branch
> In future we should use the svnmerge tool for this. It does the merge
> automatically, tracks what's been merged already, etc.

I did.  I just didn't use the commit file it generates as the changelog 
message, as the guide I was reading didn't mention it produced one.  It 
appears that no symantic information is stored there, so it's just a 
visual thing for humans.  And the change log would have been enormous. :)


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