Simplistic JavaScript support?

Rob Kendrick netsurf-dev at
Sat Sep 30 11:52:18 BST 2006

I had a thought earlier:  It aught to be possible to support
non-document-manipulating functionality of JavaScript reasonably easily
in NetSurf.  While some of the functionality we could implement is
arguably evil, it might keep some people quite, and make some sites more
usable.  He's a short list of some possibilities that should be
'reasonably' easy to implement if we embedded SpiderMonkey:

  * alert(), confirm() and prompt() for bringing up message boxes
  * close() for closing windows
  * print() for brining up the print dialogue
  * defaultStatus variable for default value of the status bar
  * The Navigator objection which contains things like the user agent
    (Perhaps provide the ability to lie for sites that check which
    browser you're using in JavaScript)
  * Any processing, callbacks, etc, that scripts in <script> tags might
    want to use in combination with the above.
  * All sorts of other things that don't manipulate the document object
    or DOM tree.

Comments?  I'll take a look at the SpiderMonkey API this afternoon if I
have a chance to see how easily these simple objects could be exposed to


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