Rob Kendrick netsurf-dev at
Tue Nov 7 15:26:18 GMT 2006

Dan's bought this domain, and it's currently pointing at

Also, any visit to gets automatically
redirected to

Do we want to keep the domain on Pepperfish's servers?  I think myself
and Dan are happy to host the website and its downloads if that's what
people want.

We can also easily set up DNS records, like to
point to, of course.

I can also set up some automatic virtual web servers, such that all
that's needed to create a website for is to
create a directory called "foo" in the right place and fill it with
content, so no faffage with the web server is needed and this sort of
thing can "just happen" out of svn.

We've also set up a UNIX shell account and an account on our web-based
config system specifically for NetSurf to separate it all out if things
want to stay this way.


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